Thursday, April 17, 2008

Creating Basic MIDlet Program in Netbeans

Creating basic MIDlet program in Java by using Netbeans IDE is very simple. Following are the steps required to create MIDlet program in Netbeans IDE.

Step 1: Start Netbeans IDE 5.5/6.0.

Step 2: Select New Project option from the file menu.

Step 3:Select project category as Mobile from the New Project dialog.

Step 4: select project type as Mobile Application.( default type is always Mobile Application)

Step 5: Click on Next button.

Step 6: Type project name (say MyMIDlet) in its respective textfield.

step 7: Select project location from the given browse button.

step 8: Click on Next button.

step 9: Next window will show

device name =Default Color Phone

Device configuration=CLDS 1.1

Device Profile = MIDP 2.0

step 10: Observe all the properties of this window and click on the next button.

step 11: Click on Finish button.

After following above steps, Netbeans will generate basic MIDlet application.